Tourniquet Carrier

Regular price $ 25.00

Our Tourniquet Carriers are an excellent way to carry your necessary medical equipment. We started from scratch to bring you the most versatile product we could. CAD-designed and CNC-cut forms give us the opportunity to produce every product to our exact specifications.
These tourniquet carriers are designed to be carried in multiple ways with multiple varying attachment options. Pre-drilled mounting areas on the back allow for spacing for: MOLLE-Lok, Tek Lok, MALICE loops, or our solid belt loops or soft loops with PTD snaps. By default, we ship them without attachments. This makes it easy to toss them in a pocket or backpack.
Can be carried with or without the protective front cover because of our EDPM bands. These bands, colored red and white, clearly denote the carrier as medical equipment. They provide just enough tension to keep the tourniquet seated and provide for a smooth draw. No need to fiddle around with bungee or screws to access your lifesaving device.